Climbing Goals for 2019 from around the U.S.

Climbing Goals for 2019 from around the U.S.

I asked climbers from all over everywhere USA to submit your climbing goals for 2019 and received fifteen submissions from climbers of different ages and skill levels. I am very excited to share what these fifteen climbers have cooking up in 2019.

Mel and Ella Gravity Vault
This is mother-daughter power duo Mel and Ella from my local gym. The both kick some major butt!
Some couples goals from my buddies Nick and Kira out of Colorado!
Nick demonstrating that he really is ready to sink his teeth into training really hard next year.
The 2019 goals of Scott Gilroy–fellow Jersey boy, goofball and all-around crusher.
Scott Gilroy. This is the man who eats 5.13 for breakfast and also thinks he should wear more spandex doing it. Pictured above with his trusty sidekick, Reilly.
Mike Goals
This is my boyfriend Mike who takes nothing seriously except for maybe the routes he wants to take down next year. I am excited to head back to the Red and keep training with him, even though he won’t smile for a damn picture.
Lauren Abernathy 2019 Climbing Goals
I’m going for hardest redpoint this year, taking it from 11d to 12a and beyond. I want to do a lot of 12s too to get a solid foundation .With trips planned to Wyoming, Kentucky, Spain and the home crag of Rumney, NH, I’m psyched on climbing a diversity of 5.12 routes!
This is Jess from NJ. She and Scott are a power climbing couple. Jess has got her eye on some 5.12 volume and a pretty nasty tall V7 in the Gunks!
Adams Goals
Adam is an ambitious climber. His first climbing experience outside was deep water soloing in Mallorca–which is a pretty rowdy thing to do. Raddest panda I know.
This is Mike from California and here are the 2019 goals he submitted to me via email!
– Finish climbing all of the 5.12s in Malibu Creek (He’s done 18/25!)
– Do two 5.13s
– Boulder V9 or harder
This is Alisha from CA. I met her on a trip to Mallorca and she’s a super graceful climber! Wishing her well as she takes on knee surgery, but I know she will come back super strong and bag that 12c!
Mel Goals
Mel is headed to South Africa this year and he’s got an eye on a pretty sick boulder!
Nicole Goals
This is Nicole. She’s an Ohio buddy and a pretty rad lady looking to smash some V5 outdoors this year.
Mickey Goals
Mickey coaches the kids team at the Gravity Vault. When he isn’t teaching the little guys & gals to smash boulders, he’s doing it himself.
Steph Goals
Steph’s doing some life reorganization so she can go climbing more in 2019. Loving that measurable goal of an average of 3x per week. Steph crushes by the way, psyched to see her at the gym more often.
Mike D Goals
Mike is another valiant Gravity Vault kids team parent putting in time at the gym. His goal is to be injury free, which is probably the most practical goal on this list.

Thanks everyone for your submissions and for sharing what you are trying to accomplish this year. I am inspired by all of the motivated peolple I have the pleasure of interacting with.

If you have a goal and you would like to be featured in this post as well, please send me a picture of you holding up a legible sign with your 2019 goals. I am more than happy to add you!

Please send all photos to!

Look back at your goals over the past years…how did you do? Which ones did you accomplish? How did you do it? I’d love to hear about your successes and sticking points in the comments!

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  • Dee Dee

    Love these Lauren! Can I say that one of my climbing goals is to meet you 😊💕!

    • Senderella

      Wow, I’d love to meet you too! I’ll keep you posted if I’m ever out in the PNW!!!

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