Happy Earth Day! 5 Things to Listen to and Watch to Get Stoked on Making a Difference

Happy Earth Day Hawaii

Happy Earth Day! 5 Things to Listen to and Watch to Get Stoked on Making a Difference

It’s Earth Day! And if you’re like me and you’re trying to have a job, go climbing, do other adult stuff, it can seem totally overwhelming to also be environmentally conscious.

While I agree, I think there are small tweaks we can all make to cut down on some of the BS we’re doing to our Mother Earth.

But taking action takes education and inspiration, so here are five pieces of content that make me want to be better and even teach me how to do it.

1. Sufferfest 2 with Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright

Sufferfest 2 with Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright – while most of this film is Alex and Cedar having a soul-crushing time climbing dessert towers and biking around forever, the movie ends with Honnold and Cedar outfitting Navajo homes and schools with solar energy. Debatably as rad as Free Soloing El Cap.

2. Choose FI Episode 121:
Tread Lightly on the Path to FI

This one is coming at ya from another genre of content that I really enjoy – the personal finance space. If that sounds a little off topic, it is. But if you are interested in hearing a cool story about a Park Ranger turned Sustainable Housing Expert – check out this podcast episode. You will ways to save money and make your home more sustainable in many more ways than I ever would have thought. Here’s a Youtube Link, but you can also find these guys for free wherever your get your podcasts. If you want learn to more about Angela and her sustainability tips – check out her space on the web at

3. Netflix’s Our Planet

David Attenborough of Planet Earth is at it again. Between the stunning footage and the raw, uncaring depiction of how nature really works, you’ll get pretty stirred up with how amazing and messed up this crazy planet really is. Be warned, I won’t spoil it, but the first episode made me cry.

4. Chef’s Table Season 1 Episode 2: Dan Barber

I’ve always been extremely into food, but hearing of a Chef dead set on combining Michelin Stars with sustainable farming sounded pretty far fetched. However, after seeing this episode of Chef’s table I became very interested in our relationship with the environment through food. So whether or not you’re into day dreaming about 5-star dining experiences, it’s always a good idea to get psyched on sustainable foods and farming.

5. The Hummingbird Story

In full transparency this is a mandatory video you have to watch when starting to work at my company. I wanted to roll my eyes when someone said we were going to be watching what looked like a reading of a children’s story, but truth be told it was pretty good and it makes me feel hopeful that even the small stuff we do to make the world a little cleaner is powerful in its own right.

I hope you enjoyed my little list. It isn’t super climbing related, but these are a few pieces of content that make me feel like we can do something instead of moping around apathetically about the state of the environment.

What gets you psyched to save the earth? Anything I should watch? Any little life hacks to be a more sustainable person? Leave a comment or email me a link – I can’t wait to hear about it.

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