Pocket Power is an 8 Week Group Program designed to get you powered up for climbing in Lander. From your training program to route selection, to trip planning beta – this program is your one-stop-shop for crushing your travels to Lander, Wyoming. 

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Do those plans include getting shut down by the bouldery, burly climbing in the Wild Iris? Or being afraid to pull hard on two-finger pockets?

Enter Pocket Power, an 8 Week Group Program designed to get you powered up for climbing in Lander. From your training program, to route selection, to trip planning beta – this program is your one stop shop for crushing your travels to Lander, Wyoming. If you’re going to go all the way to Lander, you might as well come ready to send!


  • You go on climbing trips and have major regrets about not training to prepare – “if only I would have been training for the last month, this could have been different” 
  • While you enjoy your climbing trips, you feel like you waste time. Whether it’s getting lost, getting stuck in a line at a crowded crag, picking a crag  in full sun, or spending too much time deciding what to do in general.
  • You get frustrated because the grades feel mystifying – you can usually climb harder at home, and getting into the style in not-your-usual-place feels hard and strange.
  • You have a hard time balancing the desire to enjoy yourself, but also get some trip sends on the board.
  • With many climbs to choose from, figuring out what to get on feels really overwhelming…. And then you get on a bunch of climbs below your true potential and leave completely unsatisfied.


You can arrive to Lander ready to pull hard on pockets and with the power you need to succeed. Your adventures in Lander can be strategic – balancing enjoying yourself while still getting some sends on the board. 


  • Feel the confidence of a Lander-specific training regimen
  • Be ready to give those lovely limestone pockets your all
  • Leave the trip knowing you CRUSHED some rocks and tried harder than you ever have
  • Feel supported by a coach as you navigate the ups and downs of your adventures in Lander
  • Avoid the usual climbing trip pitfalls like… wasting time at crowded crags, getting overly frustrated with learning a new style, not strategizing your rest days, and missing out on important learning opportunities that climbing trips can offer!



Lauren Abernathy is a Climbing Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and DV8 Certified Kettlebell Coach. While there are many climbing areas Lauren enjoys visiting – there’s a reason she spends time in Lander each year.

There’s just something about making big moves on small pockets that keeps her coming back. With proper preparation and her own experimentation, she’s had some short, but epic trips to Lander over the years (like in 2020 where she put down three, new 5.12s in a week!) Nowadays though, she spends as much of the summer there as she can – it’s just that good!

Lauren has coached over 85 climbers ranging in skill levels from 5.8 to 5.14, helping athletes improve their metrics, send their hardest climbs, and gain confidence along the way.

Shit, she even wants you to have fun while you’re doing it.

Before Lauren was a coach, she was a time-constrained weekend warrior. She knows that time on climbing trips is precious, but in her experience, with a little extra effort and the support of a seasoned coach – you can get a lot out of your on-location adventures.



Lander is a town of 7,500 people located just south of Wyomings’ Wind River Reservation. Located 4 hours from Salt Lake and just over 5.5 hours from Denver, Lander is a popular destination for climbers from all over the US – and the world for that matter.

With an abundance of excellent sport climbing near town, and the opportunity to escape the summer heat in the high alpine, it is no wonder that Lander has become a world-class climbing destination.

Whether you’re looking for short, bouldery pocket climbs or you want something requiring more sustained endurance – the crags around Lander have what you’re looking for.

The areas around Lander are extremely scenic – even if climbing isn’t going your way, the wildflowers look so nice, you almost don’t even care.



Caitlin Holmes is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Lauren’s co-host on The Average Climber Podcast. With hundreds of clinical hours and an M.S. in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Caitlin has the expertise to support your climbing with proper nutrition techniques. From average athletes to olympic climbers, Caitlin has supported the athletic pursuits of countless climbers and she is ready to help you too.


Karly Rager is a Certified Personal Trainer and climbing coach, owning and operating Project Direct Coaching where she has coached over 70 athletes. Karly has clocked in sport ascents up to 5.13b and trad ascents up to 5.12a. Karly specializes in mental game for the route climber. Whether you need help staying motivated throughout the projecting process, or support for managing a fear of heights - Karly has the special sauce you need.


Kris Hampton is the owner and founder of Power Company Climbing. Over the years, he has coached thousands of athletes while ticking off some fabulous ascents of his own - to the tune of 5.14 and V11. Kris has lived in Lander for many years and knows the place as well as anyone. An expert in movement and tactics, Kris is the expert you want in your court as you plan your adventures in Lander.


Pre-Training Physical Assessment ($100)
6 Week Custom Training Plan ($700)
8 weekly group calls,  ($1,600)
45 Minute 1:1 Coaching Intensive, ($200)
Unlimited group messaging support ($1,000)
Unlimited video review ($1,000)
Bonus Q&As with guest experts and coaches ($1,000)

Total value: $5,600

The good news? The investment isn’t even a quarter of that.

Pocket Power: $847*
*Early bird pricing available at $647 for a limited time

2 month and 6 month payment plan options available.


Pay in Full

$ 647
  • Pre-training Physical Assessment
  • 6 week custom training program
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Group message support
  • Unlimited coach video review
  • In-person small group coaching over beers at the Lander Bar
  • Three bonus calls with guest coaches Kris Hampton, Karly Rager, and Caitlin Holmes

Payment Plans Starting at:

$ 75/month
  • Pre-training Physical Assessment
  • 6 week custom training program
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Group message support
  • Unlimited coach video review
  • In-person small group coaching over beers at the Lander Bar
  • Three bonus calls with guest coaches Kris Hampton, Karly Rager, and Caitlin Holmes


This program will be most effective for athletes who have experience leading routes at the 5.10 level either indoors or outside.

The program starts on June 6 and runs until August 8. However, since your training program is customized to you we can get you started on your custom plan upon registration.

Group calls will take place on Wednesdays at 5pm MT each week over the course of the program. If this time absolutely does not work for you, but you are extremely interested in the program, please email me to discuss at goodsprayclimbing@gmail.com – we can likely work something out. 

Based on your assessment results, your goals, your schedule, and your equipment availability, I create a training plan customized for you.  

Most of my athletes train anywhere from 2-4 days per week depending on their schedule and how much they are climbing outside. Typically, training is primarily climbing focused with some supplemental hangboard and strength work mixed in.

No sweat! Since your program is fully customized, it will be tailored to where you are at in your training journey. No training experience is necessary.

Access to some form of climbing indoors or outdoors. Access to a hangboard or strength training equipment is nice to have, but not necessary.


This program is extremely high-touch, meaning you will have a lot of contact and support from me and your fellow group mates.

Our primary form of communication is the group message. This is where you can post videos of yourself climbing for review, ask questions about your training, and celebrate your wins along the way! 

Additionally, our weekly group calls will be instrumental in helping you stay motivated and supporting your efforts while you tackle climbs in Lander.

Yes. However, if you are extremely interested in the program and you are headed to Ten Sleep, WY this summer, it could still be worthwhile. If this is your situation, send me an email (goodsprayclimbing@gmail.com) and we can evaluate if Pocket Power will be a good fit for you.

Since this program is centered around travel – it makes sense that you might have some conflicts! As far as group calls go, you will be able to ask questions ahead of time if you would like me to address them on the call for you.  Additionally, all calls are recorded so you can watch after the fact, if you wish.

In terms of your training plan – if you let me know of your time constraints and conflicts ahead of time, we can work around these for maximum gains while accommodating your schedule!

Yes. You can pay for this program in full, over two months, or over 6 months. If you are interested in a payment plan, you can pay your deposit of $197 at which point, I will reach out regarding payment plan options. There is no additional charge for spreading out payments.